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I was born in Perigueux, France, in 1972. Photography has been his longest and biggest passion.

Having moved to Portugal when I was little, after that I went to Venezuela, where I lived most of my childhood, returning to Portugal in my late teens. Having established myself in Lisbon, I moved to London in 2014 and I'm now based in Ipswich, where I am once again pursuing my career as a photographer.
I started taking photographs many years ago, when I received my first camera as a Christmas present. Since then, I had always had a camera and my camera is like a part of me. It will go wherever I go.
I am a confessed lover of long exposures and architectural images and have been awarded several times for some of my photographs in a variety of magazines around the world like Digital Camera and Mambo as well as numerous photography sites worldwide.
Having developed a great sense of vision, combined with my huge sensibility and wit, enables me to capture essence in people, recording unforgettable moments.

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